Your own equipment in a protected quality environment with a fast internet connection. Your server will be placed in one of our datacenters in Belgium or The Netherlands. With these network neutral datacenters, you will have multiple network connections from different providers.
We also offer colocation for MikroTik RouterBoards, Synology NAS, Raspberry PI's, ....

1 Unit
34,00 /m
1U shared space
1 IPv4 and a /64 IPv6 included
1TB traffic (1Gbit)
0.25A power included
1x access included
Direct delivery!
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1 Unit
134,00 /m
4U shared space
4 IPv4 and a /64 IPv6 included
4TB traffic (1Gbit)
1A power included
2x access included
Direct delivery!
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Synology NAS colocation
NUC colocation
MikroTik Routerboard colocation
Own equipment possible
Custom offers possible
Direct delivery!
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Included with every colocation

These servers are hosted in DCO2 at Belgium
Free service
Remote hands if we are in the datacenter
24/7 access to the datacenter
best-effort SLA included
VPN included for ILO/DRAC
Anti-DDoS protection included


Anti-DDoS protection included with every service

We use Colt IP Guardian to protect our network and your service. This service filters every traffic within one minute when it detects an abnormality and only passes the filtered/good traffic to your server.



1TB traffic 16,50 Euro extra /TB
10TB traffic 11,00 Euro extra /TB
100TB traffic 5,50 Euro extra /TB
Overusage GB traffic 0,02 Euro per GB
Extra IP 1,10 Euro per IP / month
Access datacenter DCO 24/7 25,00 Euro setup
0,25A power extra 9,35 Euro per month
1U space extra 6,60 Euro per month
Lifetime DirectAdmin Internal 85,50 Euro lifetime
Remote hands 70 Euro per hour
Server management & SLA more info
Backup more info